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More Than "Just" Signs - Unique and Custom Products

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

By now, you know how we treat our aluminum sheeting from our in-house stock of coils. And that we also keep extruded panels, cutting them to size to accommodate any specifications. We’ve also talked about our wide-format inkjet printers that can seamlessly print large-scale signs using high-solvent weather-resistant ink on 3M’s highest-grade retroreflective sheeting—that’s right, the one with the BEST visibility in any weather or lighting. We do this because we care about producing the best, which isn’t limited to our interstate guide or road signage. What we haven't talked about yet is how we can use these advantages for more than just highway guide or road signage.

This holiday season, Leydon P. hired us to make a massive holiday display to feature outside his John Deere Dealership. This unique request was for Santa in his sleigh, smiling and waving as he’s led by a team of, well, not reindeer—but by John “Deere”! The display was made using the materials we use for highway guide signage, making this massive 8’ft x 70’ft decoration visible to every passerby on the interstate! Thanks to being a seasonal item, these materials which are intended to last years under direct sunlight and weather are sure to last many times longer than your average outdoor decor. Additionally, the deer and sleigh can be unbolted from their posts and stored flat against each other not to take up much space whenever the holiday is over. Thank you for trusting us with your design and letting us make something unique, Leydon!

Do you need inspiration? As well as for seasonal decor, these characteristics are perfect for unique signage displayed year-round. Designs can be brand specific and are ideal for small businesses needing to stand out. Keep it simple and rustic with polished aluminum, or add any of the colors of our 3M retroreflective sheeting to ensure maximum visibility in any light! Since we build with our supplies, we get to make things like these box-shaped directional parking signs at the New Jersey Airport—simplifying design by having information legible on all four sides rather than creating visual clutter by using four separate signs. Make yourself more memorable by personalizing a design for something typically mundane. Can you imagine a giant guitar pointing the way to a music store or venue? What about a huge floss container marking a dentist's office? You can bet both of those would be memorable.

Whatever it is, we can do it! From layout and graphic design, having our own supply of aluminum, cutting and bolting to form specific shapes, printing large scale, and laminating just for that extra “oomph,” we cover it all. With our competitive prices, you save money by hiring one company versus different designers and fabricators. And because we host the entire manufacturing process in-house we can provide top-notch customer service every step of the way! We take pride in making high-quality signs intended to stay in peak condition against the sun and weather—you can trust that your product will outlast anyone else’s around.

Give us a call today or send us an estimate request and let's get started on your next creative eye-catching project!

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