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Interstate Signways is the leading producer of highway guide signs in the United States. All of our interstate highway guide signs are manufactured by hand using top quality American sourced materials and processes in our 169,000 square foot facility in Little Rock, AR. US highway guide signs differ by state and construction. At Interstate SignWays, we have the knowledge and experience of each state’s DOT highway guide sign specifications.

With 60 years experience in the sign industry, Interstate Signways is prepared to accommodate to your state's sign specifications. Whether your state requires extruded panel signs or increment sheet signs for your interstate route or highway roadway we are prepared to manufacture your sign with American sourced quality aluminum materials. Our step by step process begins with engineered drawings to plan your project, rolling out your aluminum sign blanks to the size specifications and thickness required, treating the panels or sheets in our aluminum treatment process, and applying 3M reflective sheeting or riveted lettering, we then assemble your signs. If your signs require powder coating finishing we have the capabilities to fulfill your needs. We also provide our unique guide sign delivery system we can deliver your signs in an organized fashion to ease your installation process.  

Interstate Signways is a leading manufacturer of MUTCD standard signs and more. We can provide custom signs for your industry. Whether you need interior signs for your hospital or airport, directional signs or parking lot signs for your building, or safety signs and warning signs for your laboratory we have the designs ready and will ship within 3 business days or less.


For all the ways you use signs, We're Signways.


These signs are composed of multiple 12" extruded panels bolted together to form the size required. When necessary, a 6" panel is also available. The face of the extruded panels can be covered with a variety of materials ranging from a high performance reflective sheeting to a non-reflective paint.

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Flat pieces of aluminum are placed side by side to form the width and height required. Horizontal bar or windbeam, is attached to the back of the aluminum or plywood to hold the entire sign together. The face of the increment sign can be covered with a variety of reflective sheetings or non-reflective paints.

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