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Interstate Signways has over 50 years' experience in the sign industry. We have created projects for restaurants and bars nationwide.  Signage in a hospitality environment serves many different purposes, such as: outdoor signage, parking lot signage, and to go order pickup locations, interior signage for bathrooms, and outdoor delivery wayfinding signage. An efficient signage program maximizes the dissemination of information to patrons in a timely manner.

Find signs for the exterior or interior of your bar or restaurant. We produce large-scale increment sheet and extruded panel signs for that large-scale project on an exterior of a building. We also produce smaller-scale increment sheet signs for advertising on the highway, alleyways, and for the entrance. We have commonly used signs for the management of your business such as employees must wash hands signs, or signs needed for your patrons to know where the bathroom or to go order pick up location is. 

Need custom parking signs for your franchise's curb-side pickup? You can design your own, or have us design them for you. We offer custom cut signs made to order with our reflective or non-reflective digitally printed aluminum signs. There isn't a job we can't do when it comes to signage for your restaurant, food truck, bar, bistro, cafe, brewery, or club.

How Do I Order?

Depending on your project you have a few options. For custom or large format signs call our sales department to request a quote. For commonly used signs you can shop signs for bars & restaurants in stock

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