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Interstate Signways has created projects for museums nationwide.  To get the maximum enjoyment from their experiences, museum visitors must be able to easily navigate an exhibit space.  Museum wayfinding signage helps manage traffic flow through the environment, whether the visitors are on foot or in a vehicle. The process is a combination of art, craft and psychology, and entails color, typography, lighting, architecture, and a variety of other factors.

If you are needing signs made for your museum for inside our outside the building, we've got you covered. We produce large-scale increment sheet and extruded panel signs for exterior directional signage, as well as smaller parking lot signs. If you are in need of metal exhibition markers for the exhibit, we can also provide that too. 

How Do I Order?

Depending on your project you have a few options. For custom or large format signs call our sales department to request a quote. Or you can shop online for standard signs in stock.

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