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The manufacturing of interstate highway guide and regulatory warning signs requires expert level abilities and equipment to weld, saw, shear and punch metal. Interstate SignWays has the facility and expertise to produce any sign type using all necessary techniques. Green aluminum extruded and flat panel interstate highway guide signs vary in size and specification based on the state. A state DOT sign in Florida is not the same as the sign in Texas. Many factors in these differences include weather, geography, budget and historical influence. Due to the custom specifications and size of large overhead guide signs, they remain very much a handmade manufacturing process.

We can make a wide variety of metal signage for a wide variety of industries: airport, apartments & condos, arenas & stadiums, bars & restaurants, banks, construction, churches & temples, commercial real estate, hospitals, hotels & resorts, manufacturing & warehouse, mass transit, museums, parks, research & laboratories, schools & universities, and theme parks. 

We offer a varitey of standard signs for these industries, as well as custom fabricated signs of various sizes and shapes. Depending on your aluminum metal signage needs, Interstate Signways is the leading manufacturer of metal signage in the United States. 

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