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Interstate Signways is the leading producer of aluminum extruded panel signs for highway guide signs in the United States. All signs are made in the USA with American sourced materials. 


What Are Extruded Panel Signs?


Extruded panel signs are signs composed of multiple 12" extruded panels bolted together to form the size required for your project. The extruded panels are aluminum substrates manufactured in a continuous profile that align together consistently providing the surface area for your sign's message.  These panels are standardized for ease of installation in an over hang bar system (find out technical terms for this) When necessary, a 6" panel is also available. The face of the extruded panels can be covered with a variety of materials ranging from a high performance reflective sheeting to a non-reflective paint.

What Are Extruded Panel Signs Used For?

Extruded panel signs are commonly used for large-scale interstate route signs or highway guide signs. These highway route signs direct you while on the road to which exit to take or where the airport. These signs are commonly large green signs, large blue signs, or sometimes black signs. Whatever color you need our skilled graphics department can accommodate any color customization. Our expertise in the sign industry provides us with the knowledge of each state's requirements for highways guide signs. 


In addition, Interstate Signways also has the capability to design and manufacture specialty architectural signage to meet requirements for airports, hospitals, and mass transit systems. To meet these requirements, the on hand and accessible stock of extruded panels at Interstate Signways is quite complete. This allows us to provide you with quick and efficient service during the production of your project. You can also rely on the availability of required certifications and samples for materials used in the production of Interstate's aluminum extruded panel signs.

If you need raw materials for your own production, Interstate will furnish blank aluminum panels that will be chemically treated and ready for reflective sheeting application or painting. The hardware required to assemble these panels may also be purchased from our sales department.

How Do I Order?

Call us today or email us and our experienced sales team will be more than happy to guide you through the process from start to finish for your extruded panel signs project.

How We Make It: Extruded Panel Signs

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