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5 Hauntingly Spooky (& Family - Friendly) Weekend Getaways!

Halloween is a time for all things eerie and mysterious. While staying home and handing out candy is fun, sometimes you want to take your spooky celebrations to the next level. If you're looking for a perfect Halloween weekend getaway, consider exploring these five destinations with a rich history of paranormal activity, haunted tales, and a festive Halloween spirit: New Orleans, St. Helens, Oregon, Salem, Massachusetts, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Estes Park, Colorado. Each place offers a unique and thrilling experience for anyone seeking a hauntingly good time.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Known for its voodoo, cemeteries, and tales of restless spirits, New Orleans is a top destination for Halloween enthusiasts. The French Quarter's historic streets come alive with eerie charm. Take a guided ghost tour through the city's oldest neighborhoods, visit the famous St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, or dine at a haunted restaurant like Antoine's. The annual Krewe of Boo parade is a highlight, featuring spooky floats and costumed revelers. With its blend of culture and the supernatural, New Orleans provides an unforgettable Halloween experience.

St. Helens, Oregon

St. Helens, Oregon, might not be as famous as some of the other destinations on this list, but it's a hidden gem for Halloween lovers. The town is known for its role in the Disney movie "Halloweentown." Every October, St. Helens transforms into a real-life Halloween town, complete with pumpkin lighting ceremonies, haunted houses, and a spooky village square. It's a family-friendly destination with a whimsical and spooky atmosphere.

Salem, Massachusetts

No list of spooky Halloween getaways would be complete without Salem, Massachusetts. This historic town is infamous for the Salem witch trials of the late 17th century. Salem's rich history of witchcraft and paranormal activity comes to life during October. You can explore the Witch House, visit the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, and participate in witch-themed events and tours. Salem offers an authentic and spine-tingling Halloween experience.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis might not be the first place that comes to mind for a Halloween getaway, but it has a thriving and unique Halloween scene. The Soap Factory's Haunted Basement is a legendary experience for those seeking a terrifying time. Minneapolis also boasts the Zombie Pub Crawl, where participants dress as zombies and take over the city's bars. Plus, the Minneapolis Institute of Art hosts a creepy art-inspired event called "Art of Darkness" during the Halloween season.

Estes Park, Colorado

For a Halloween getaway that combines the beauty of the Rocky Mountains with a dash of spookiness, Estes Park, Colorado, is the place to be. The Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King's "The Shining," is a must-visit. Take a ghost tour of the hotel or join the annual Shining Ball for a night of eerie elegance. Estes Park also hosts a Halloween-themed 5k race and offers stunning fall foliage for those who want to enjoy the season in a more tranquil manner.

These five destinations offer the perfect blend of history, haunted tales, and Halloween festivities for an unforgettable spooky weekend getaway. Whether you're a thrill-seeker, history buff, or just someone who loves the Halloween spirit, New Orleans, St. Helens, Oregon, Salem, Massachusetts, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Estes Park, Colorado, have something to offer everyone. So, pack your bags, don your favorite costume, and get ready for a chilling adventure that will leave you with lasting memories and maybe a few ghostly encounters. Happy Halloween!

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