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  • Carrie Crocker

3M Sheeting Application Process For Sign Manufacturing

What is a sheeting applicator?

This is a key piece of equipment we use to provide 3M warranted extruded panel signs. The sheeting applicator adheres reflective sheeting to the surface of a metal component or flat surface component.

3M reflective sheeting and over-laminates are applied to the panels using this piece of equipment. Our team of sign-fabrication professionals take the in-house punched and chemically treated panels and run them through the laminate/sheeting applicator. This applicator also uses heat to ensure the highest level of sheeting adhesion. This investment in the right equipment and processes ensures that the sheeting on DOT signs never peels away from the extruded panels.

How does it work?

  1. The panels are maneuvered to the applicator assembly line.

  2. The panel is slowly fed into the applicator.

  3. The roll of 3M reflective sheeting (3M Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective Sheeting 4097 featured in images) is applied to the front of the panel to start the lamination/sheeting application process.

  4. As the panels go through the applicator, air blowers blow heated air onto the sheeting to ensure ideal adhesion.

  5. The panels are stacked and ready for the next process, assembly.

Watch the Sheeting Application Process

In our How We Make it Video series, Tanya Roberts illustrates the full process for the 3M sheeting application process. Discover more videos on how its made at Interstate Signways.


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