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Memorial Day Weekend to Break Travel Records

Are you planning a family trip or just an extended weekend getaway this Memorial Day? According to AAA, so are 43 million other Americans. Most people will be traveling by car, with Thursday and Friday being the most congested days of travel. If this sounds like a lot of people, it is. It’s the second largest number since 2005, with a 4% increase since last year. Adding the increased rental car demand, we can expect to see a surplus of vehicles on the road this weekend. Let’s get into what this means for you!

Thursdays and Fridays are projected to be the worst for travel, but it makes sense for those needing to get to their destination by the weekend. Consider mixing up your departure time by traveling at a less common time, either the night before or very early in the morning. Most sources suggest starting your travels before 11am or after 7pm. Cities with the highest rental car demand are Orlando, Denver, Atlanta, Boston and Las Vegas. If you’re in one of these areas, it’s a good time to download a road travel app that can help you know the smoothest running routes and stops you should hit up along the way: we’ll list a few below.

Avoid traffic jams and adding to unnecessary congestion by leaving at the right time. The worst time to leave is between noon and 6pm—not only will you be likely to be stuck in traffic but you’ll also not have to worry so much about wasting gas sitting still. Not all cities are expected to receive the same increase of traffic, of course. Tampa and Los Angeles are projected to have the worst increase with numbers over 80%.

This info isn’t just important for people on road trips. Keep in mind your departure and arrival times if you’re one of the 8% taking a flight over Memorial Day weekend. Leave with enough time to arrive early at the airport and have realistic expectations when you get that rental car at your destination.

Handy Apps for Travel

A crowd-sourced road travel app, this app offers live updates from other users about traffic, stops, detours, and road hazards.

A navigation app reviewed to have the most accurate live updates for traffic, time of arrival, for various modes of travel: driving, biking, and walking. Some people argue that GoogleMaps’s real-time traffic reports are more accurate than Waze, however they both remain in close competition with each other.

This app sees where you are on the interstate and lets you know which exit coming up and what’s ahead. iExit can also tell you where the next gas station is, as well as the prices of gas, and if there’s a food or rest stop. It’ll tell you all the info that we print onto signs along the interstate, but right at your fingertips!

We’re adding this one just for fun. This app shows points of interest along your route, while maintaining your route so you don’t get lost if you want to check out the world’s largest ball of yarn. If traffic and congestion seem harrowing farther up on your trip, use this app to see where you can veer off to and explore for a bit!

Whether rain or shine, road tripping or just experience an influx of newcomers to your city, remember that Interstate Signways is here, marking the way with every sign!

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