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  • Carrie Crocker

How Sign Faces Come to Life- Digital Printing Process

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Graphic designer creating interstate shield sign

  1. First, our in-house graphic designer creates the sign graphic within a design program per the required specifications.

  2. Next, the design file is sent to our printer and a raster image processor translates the vector file to a raster image. This is so the printer can understand the file and print.

  3. Our print operator starts and observes the print job checking quality and accuracy throughout production.

  4. After printing on highly retroreflective 3M sheeting, the sign graphic is laminated with 3M ElectroCut 1170 to provide superior fade and weathering resistance.

  5. After lamination, the signs are cut out using our ARISTOMAT, then they are sent to our rolling department. This is where sign faces truly come to life.

Interstate's Digital Printing

Our digital print production facility and wide format EFI and HP printers meet the needs of our design firms and contractor customers servicing the regulatory & warning traffic, directional or wayfinding, and safety industries. We digitally direct print exclusively on the highest quality 3M reflective sheeting.

Digital printer pringint interstate shield sign

One of the advantages to digitally printing interstate highway guide signs, architectural and wayfinding projects is the ability to match any custom color, graphics, logos and graduated tones the designers specify.

As a 3M Certified Sign Fabricator, our reflective and non-reflective sign faces are digitally printed to all national and regional regulatory standards. We adhere to all of 3M’s strict and specific digital signage printing processing methods. This attention to detail provides our design firms and contractors servicing the traffic, way-finding and safety industries with the highest quality and longest lasting reflective signage available.

Need MUTCDs Fast?

MUTCD traffic signs

As a 3M Certified Sign Fabricator, Interstate SignWays passes a rigorous annual audit to qualify for full warranty compliance with production requirements for the manufacture of regulated traffic signs using 3M Reflective Sheeting.

Go to our Online Store and have 3M certified MUTCDs on the way in 3 business days or less!


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