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Fun Facts About The Stop Sign

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

American Stop Sign

Have you ever wondered: What's the meaning behind the size, color, and shape of the Stop sign?

Road signs are the most important part of regulating traffic and keeping people alive. The stop sign is perhaps the most important of all traffic signs.

Fun Facts about the stop sign:

  • The first stop sign appeared in 1915

  • The first stop signs were 24"x24" square, with black text on a white background

  • In 1924 the color of the stop sign changed to a yellow background

  • The octagon shape was deemed a better attention grabber, therefore this shape was reserved for the stop sign.

  • The stop signs octagon shape requires more material to cut than a square or rectangle

  • In 1954 the red background and white lettering was implemented to make drivers pay extra attention.

  • The stop sign was the first sign that required reflectors by law

  • In 1948 the standard mounting height of a stop sign was 2ft, which was raised to 5ft in 1954. In 1971, it was brought to a minimum mounting height of 7ft.

Today, there is more consistency and signage across the country due to standardization. The Department of Transportation constantly updates the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) to regulate states signs.

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