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  • Ren Gudino

Debunking Driving Myths

Time for another round of myth busting, Interstate Signways style! Here are a few driving-related rumors you may have heard and weren’t ever sure if they were true or not. First, driving with the cabin light on is illegal, especially on the interstate. Second, more accidents happen in bad weather than in clear weather. Third, changing lanes in the middle of an intersection is illegal. Let’s get into what is true and what isn’t.

First, driving with the cabin light on: can you get pulled over? You might or you might not. There isn’t a state where driving with your cabin lights on is actually illegal. However, it does reduce your visibility at night and can impair your driving abilities by creating more visual distractions. You won’t get pulled over just for having the light on, but you might if it’s the reason you aren’t driving as well.

Our next myth is about traffic accidents. Do they happen more during bad weather? While bad weather, especially rain and/or wet pavement, does contribute to a large percentage of traffic accidents, it is not the largest cause of traffic accidents. The largest contributor to traffic accidents is distracted driving. Inclement weather can reduce visibility and wet pavement can cause people to hydroplane, but even these occur most often when a driver is distracted and not adjusting or reacting to changes in the road fast enough. In fact, the inability to respond to changes in traffic or the road with urgency, regardless of weather, causes more accidents than bad weather in general.

Finally, can you change lanes in the middle of an intersection? This is one that I believed until writing this blog post. This is one where again, there is not a state where changing lanes is officially illegal. Though it can be dangerous to do so, if the traffic levels are low and you have optimal visibility and know that you can do so safely, then go ahead! Because intersections are a four-way cross, drivers experience more blind spots and are less likely to notice cars suddenly appearing in a lane. Overall, it may be best to wait until you’re on the road to change lanes, but you can’t get pulled over if you do so safely.

There we go, three more myths debunked! You can keep your cabin light on and change lanes in an intersection as long as you are being safe and aware of your surrounding—though both do create slightly more dangerous driving conditions. As for bad weather, still be cautious but if you’re operating a vehicle, you should be cautious regardless. We’ll still be lining the way with all the necessary signage while you’re on your journey!

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