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5 Reasons Signs Matter (& What Matters on Signs)

Wayfinding, informational, and directional signage matters: spelling, wording, and whether the image or words make sense should be as direct and straightforward as possible. Just to show off how much it matters, we have examples.

1. Express a unique message that only you want to deliver. Sometimes, getting

a custom sign is the only way to say what you need to say—but luckily, any sign can be made. If you have a niche situation that is SO specific, there's no possible way the sign already exists--don't worry: custom signage exists! Keep in line with your branding while clearly saying what you want to say.

2. Can you imagine the confusion when telling people that you're looking for "Daddy, Mommy" or that you just saw "Daddy, Mommy" -- it's safe to assume that people would think you have a very close relationship with your parents and probably have been babied a liiiiittle too much. Whenever you showed them this picture, however, they'd instantly understand that you meant you just saw this sign in Iowa! This sign gives too little information which ends up making it confusing anyway--is it a town? A message? A marker of some sort? Who knows!

3. Bilingual signage: if it’s only understandable to people in one language but know that you have other language speakers in the area, you can limit your audience. Include other languages for maximum efficacy. (Or in this case, reiterate the main message two different ways to really reinforce the point.)

4. When less is more, unless it's more confusing. Sometimes icons and symbols alone are enough to convey what you want to say--sometimes they aren't. It would mean to yield to pedestrians or pedestrians should yield and both of these messages would be terrible to mix up.

5. Our final reason (for today) that signage matters is to indicate location-specific dangers or wildlife. This sign in Texas is a perfect example of such, otherwise, how would passersby know to be aware of the giant prehistoric-like mosquitoes in the area? Thank goodness for signage!

As always, we are here ready to fulfill all of your wayfinding and directional signage needs! If you'd like to contact us for a free estimate, just go here!

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