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  • Ren Gudino

3 Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas!

Teacher appreciation week is coming up! The week of May 6-10 is when parents give that special someone that your child spends so much time with a gift that'll last. Here are some ideas, so you can get be prepared!

A dry-erase to do list

There’s so many little things to keep track of and not every one has the time to journal and track. Post-it notes and paper just get thrown away every day. Plus, then you have to make sure you have them on hand, which can be difficult to keep track of. Why not put it on a sign that can stay in view, easily accessible, and our laminate makes it dry-erase and resilient!

A motivational quote

For elementary classrooms, teachers and students alike benefit from a positive reminder or affirmation to get through the day. Getting one on a sign makes it durable, lasting for decades, and won’t get damaged if an antsy kiddo decides it needs to be graced with their artwork. All you have to do is wipe off the crayon or marker and it’s as good as new! Get your favorite teacher any quote on a customized sign that can stay in their classroom for years to come.

A personalized name sign

These can have images of the school mascot, personal hobbies, as well as any font to highlight the teachers’ name! Does Ms. Smith need a sign for her door that includes a ball of yarn and the school’s iconic lion? What about paint brushes for the art teacher? Or a cool medieval knight for your history teacher? We can do that! Kids will associate images with your teacher’s interests and remember that she’s not just their teacher, but a person with different interests too!

There’s a million ways to say thank you to our education providers but why not pick something personalized that’ll last the length of their career?

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