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Spooky Highways: Haunted Road Trips to Take this October

Do you remember those eerie tales of haunted streets and highways from your childhood town? Ghostly hitchhikers, vanishing cars, and spine-chilling paranormal sightings that sent shivers down your spine? Well, we've got a treat for all you thrill-seekers and ghost enthusiasts this October! Buckle up as we take you on a spine-tingling road trip down four of the most haunted highways in the United States.

Route 66: America's Most Haunted Highway

Let's kick off our spooky journey with a classic - Route 66. This legendary highway is famous for its historical significance and reputation as one of the most haunted roads in the country. Located near St. Louis, Missouri, the abandoned Tri-County Truck Stop on Route 66 has seen its fair share of ghostly encounters. According to St. Louis Magazine, this seemingly empty truck stop has been the site of strange activities, including sightings of spectral figures in red flannel and mysteriously moving appliances. With its thousands of miles and countless ghost towns, it's no wonder Route 66 has earned its title as America's most haunted highway.

Route 2A: The Ghostly Road of Aroostook County

Our next spooky stop takes us to Aroostook County, Maine, where Route 2A has a chilling reputation. This treacherous road is notorious for its sharp turns, especially when they're icy and snow-covered in winter. Drivers have reported seeing a ghostly girl standing alone on the roadside, far from any civilization. Others have encountered a desperate woman who screams for help, only to vanish into thin air when approached. Whether you're wary of icy corners or frightened by surprise ghostly appearances, Route 2A is not for the faint of heart.

Route 666: The Devil's Highway

Prepare for a hair-raising experience as we delve into the mysteries of Route 666, also known as "The Devil's Highway." Spanning Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, this 200-mile stretch was once a driver's worst nightmare due to a shocking number of accidents. While various factors contributed to these accidents, the connection between the highway's name and the eerie occurrences couldn't be ignored. Stories circulated about a haunted semi-truck that attempted to force cars off the road. In 2003, the governor of New Mexico took action, supporting renovations and a name change to Route 491 to shake off the bad luck and superstitions that clung to Route 666.

Route 299: California's Ghostly Journey

Our final destination is Highway 299, which cuts across California from east to west. This scenic route is brimming with ghost stories, particularly in the five miles between Old Shasta City and Whiskeytown Lake. Shasta State Park earned the nickname "California's Ghost Town" due to its eerie ruins from the bustling gold rush era. Old Shasta City boasts remnants of abandoned shops, including a haunted courthouse with a spooky jail that's said to be inhabited by the spirits of long-deceased criminals. Continue your journey to Whiskeytown, a picturesque recreational spot with a hidden secret - an underwater ghost town. Flooded by the creation of the Whiskeytown Dam, some believe that spirits still haunt the lake's depths.

So, if you're searching for a spine-chilling adventure this October, look no further than these haunted highways. Whether it's the ghostly specters of Route 66, the enigmatic disappearances on Route 2A, the eerie legends of Route 666, or the haunted history of Highway 299, these roads promise an unforgettable and hair-raising experience. Remember to keep your wits about you and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime on these spine-tingling road trips!

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